Clubman Vs Clip-On Handlebars

Most of the racer bikes have two types of handlebars – clubman handlebars and clip-on handlebars. The experienced riders usually focus more on comparing clubman handlebars vs clip-ons than on the engine of the motorcycle while buying a racer motorcycle. According to them the engine of the motorcycle neither controls the bike nor helps in braking its speed. In this situation, the handlebar is responsible for controlling as well as braking the bike. So the handlebar of the café racer motorcycle is one of its most important parts.

Now the question arises which handlebar will be better for a café racer motorcycle – clubman handlebars or clip-on handlebars. The information provided here under will help you in making a well-informed decision.

Clubman Handlebars Vs Clip-On Handlebars

The Clip-on handlebar

In order to maintain the minimalistic looks of their motorcycle, the builders of café racer motorcycles have used the clip-on handlebars. The clip-ons are available in two types, adjustable and non-adjustable, from which you can choose as per your liking and suitability. People with conservative outlook usually refer nonadjustable clip-on handles whereas many experienced riders of café racer bikes use adjustable clip-ons so that they can adjust the position of handlebar down the tube of the fork to make them more comfortable while racing with others.

Clubman handlebars

If a racer rider does not like clip-ons then the clubman handlebar is the third option for him. This handlebar will give a retro look to your motorcycle. These handlebars are clipped in height in the mounts of the stock bar with the grip portion at a lower level. These handlebars are specially designed for the bikes with fixed triple handlebar clumps which cannot be removed from the top.

Pros and Cons of clip-ons and clubman handlebar

While comparing clubman handlebars vs clip ons you should also compare their pros and cons.

Pros and cons of clip-ons

Clip-ons handlebars are carefully designed so that the motorcycle riders can adjust their height and horizontal angle according to their requirements. But, the higher cost of bikes with clip-ons is the main disadvantage of this handlebar.

Pros and cons of clubman handlebars

These low-cost handlebars can be installed easily. But the main drawback of this handlebar is that you will have to lose all the three clumps to slide the handlebar down if you want to lower the front end of your motorcycle without changing the springs of its fork. Moreover, you can lower the handlebars to a limited extent.

Thus by comparing clubman handlebars vs clip ons you can buy the right café racer motorcycle for you.

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